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What Makes Your Customer Service Excellent?

Great customer service is something every business wants and needs. But what are the key components to exhibiting this in our daily work habits?

We’ve collected together four idea’s that we believe transpose a companies customer service from being good to great.

1. Know your Customers

This is a big one! Who are the people you are trying to serve? What are their concerns? What matters most to them? Are we focusing our efforts on making their experience with us positive? Are people choosing to come to our office based on relationship and service vs proximity?

We can ask ourselves so many questions when it comes to knowing our customers.

Basically, it comes down to listening and asking questions. Our client’s concerns and needs should be of the utmost importance.

Knowing your return customer by name, and/or remembering things that matter to them creates a relationship with your customer that is genuine. This shows that you appreciate their business enough to get to know them.

When someone feels valued and understood their reactions always soften and their loyalty grows.

2. Respond As Quickly As Possible.

Time is always something you wish you had more of. Valuing someone’s time is an incredibly important part of great customer service. Being sure not to waste anyone’s time when they are in front of you or when they walk out the door.

Our job is to serve and inform our community in the quickest and most efficient way.Although mistakes do happen, trying your best to do things correct the first time is vital.Excellence comes at a high cost but the reward is always worth it.

People know they are valued when you value their time.

Dedicated to service,

The Slave Lake Registries Team

We pride ourselves on great customer service, consulting, and community involvement.

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