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What Makes Your Customer Service Excellent? (Part Two)

Great customer service is something every business needs. But what are the key components to exhibiting this in our daily work habits?

We’ve collected together four idea’s that we believe transpose a companies customer service from being good to great.

3. “A Customer Is For Life” Mentality (aka be kind)

Any business’ goal should be to increase new business while maintaining and caring for pre-existing clients. This can be a balancing act with changing protocols and procedures.  Being kind and courteous in these situations  goes a long way in the business world. The mentality of finding a customer and keeping a customer can only revolve around great customer service. No person will be loyal to a company that does not honor their time. 

4. Fix Your Mistakes

Mistakes happen. Own them.

There is nothing worst then when a mistake is made and an argument follows. Fix it, be polite, and reinsure that the next time you will work more closely with the client to have excellence. Arguments are never settled by pointing the finger or engaging our emotions.

Conflict is rectified best when we value the person across from us.

Dedicated to service,

The Slave Lake Registries Team

We pride ourselves on great customer service, consulting, and community involvement.

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