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Welcome to!

This is our very first blog post and naturally we wanted to highlight our love for our community. Without the wonderful people that make up Slave Lake and the surrounding areas we wouldn’t even be here! We are thankful for you and that is one of the main reasons we’ve chosen to create a blog space. Each month we will have a new blog for you to review. Every blog will have information centered around what you as the customer need most, your most frequently asked questions, what makes you most confused, and how can we make your experiences with us more enjoyable and shorter.

Not only do we value your concerns and time, but we also see worth in giving back to the community around us. For the last several years (and counting) we have been a part of several charities that do work locally and abroad.

A major part of our core goals is to make the world we live in a better place for everyone. Whether that be providing financial aid to local charities or making sure we follow our procedures with excellence so that our customers are always properly protected. This blog is a place of knowledge, encouragement, and its completely centered around our wonderful customers.


So please join us the beginning of each month!

We pride ourselves on great customer service, consulting, and community involvement.

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