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Our Top Three Questions: Question 3

Our Top Three Customer Questions

Here at Slave Lake Registries we take your questions and concerns seriously. We also notice when certain questions are trending or causing frustration. The next three blogs will touch on questions that are important to you! Because great customer service is one of our highest values.

Question 3:

Why do I need to have proof of insurance?

This one is a super common question with a very simple answer. It’s the law in Canada!

In Canada, no vehicle is allowed to operate without having Insurance. This means that when you come to register your vehicle with us we must make sure that your Insurance is set up.

This covers our customers and also keep us accountable to our government’s laws.

So next time you visit us to register a vehicle, please have your proof of insurance with you.

Dedicated to service,

The Slave Lake Registries Team

We pride ourselves on great customer service, consulting, and community involvement.

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