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Our Top Three Customer Questions: Question 1

Here at Slave Lake Registries we take your questions and concerns seriously. We also notice when certain questions are trending or causing frustration. The next three blogs will touch on questions that are important to you! Because great customer service is one of our highest values.

Top Question 1:

Why can’t I register or transfer my plates if my spouse or partner isn’t with me?

This question can frustrate just about anyone that has a busy life. Anyone who is married or in a common-law relationship knows it can be complicated and tedious to be both in the same place at the same time during day time working hours.
At the registries office your confidentiality is of the utmost importance. We have very strict guidelines in place for YOUR protection.

BUT we do have a solution for you!

You can obtain the Authorization for Vehicle Services Form! Take that home and have your spouse fill in each section. His/her driver’s license and signature is required. Your signature and Driver License or other acceptable ID are also required. You must also bring in a proof of your valid Insurance.
Once you have this done come back into the office and we will assist you with your request.

Tune in next month for top question two! We are here to help!

Dedicated to service,

Slave Lake Registries

We pride ourselves on great customer service, consulting, and community involvement.

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