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Online Vehicle Renewals

Winter is all around us and will continue to stick around for a few more months yet.
The best way to get through the cold (although warmer than usual) and dark is to find winter activities you enjoy and have the proper winter clothes to enjoy them. Anything from snow shoeing, to cross country skiing, skating, sliding, snow boarding, or winter trail walks. The options are endless!
Nature in the winter has so much beauty to offer us!

In the last blog we spoke about a few options that make our lives easier and more time effective. This month we want to highlight our newest addition to our website! It’s called Online Vehicle Renewals. This option was created because of our customers. Again and again it was being noticed that Registry Office customers request the option of being able to renew their vehicles from the convince of their home or office. No more line ups, or having to assign certain time aside to get to the office during business hours!
This creates more time for work, leisure, and family. Who doesn’t want more time for family and friends! Especially in winter when we have so many activities to be a part of.


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